Ad-Word Management

Our Ad-Word Management Services

AdWords is advertising program of Google. It is also known as Pay Per Click (PPC). This system uses an online auction process that enables the user to bid on the facility to have his/her brand advertisement show up under Paid ad or Sponsored Listings in SERPs of this major search engine. These advertisements also show on some specific web pages, and these pages can be very important under the precise circumstances. Google AdWords is one of the effective approaches to increase traffic on your recently launched website. New websites or brands have to face challenges to generate traffic and gain attention, So Google AdWords can be helpful to enhance your online presence and get noticed by visitors and search engines.

Improve ROI

We offer best Adwords Management services in India. Our certified and experienced offer PPC services in an efficient way that helps Improve ROI get the conversion and increase CTR.

Campaign Report Management

Exo Info Tech is one of the best AdWord Campaign Management Company in India. Our certified experts are good at Campaign Report Management; they provide you monthly report on your campaign’s success regarding text and keyword choice.

PPC Landing Page Creation

A landing page plays a vital role in your ad campaign, so we have the best team to work on PPC Landing Page Creation. Our Optimized and Custom Landing Page Creation Services help make targeted, or potential customers take the right actions.s

Better Leads and Sales

We offer best advertising campaign management services be it social media, email, PPC or Ad-word campaign. We have experienced and certified professionals to make your campaign successful and work towards Better Leads and Sales.

Increased Paid Traffic

Exo Info Tech helps you to get paid traffic and increase your Paid Traffic by PPC management services. We use lots of techniques to connect publishers and advertisers.

Ad Campaign Set Up

We offer Comprehensive Ad Campaign Set Up and Optimization services. Our professional can do everything from keyword research, the creation of landing pages to reports management on your behalf.

Creating Ad Copyright

We at Exo Info Tech ensure that your online business creates a first-class brand personality providing original copy ads written by humans. We are here for Creating Ad Copyright and offer original and sample copy ads to the audience.

Reduced CPC

Exo Info Tech offers Reduced CPC (Cost per Conversion) services. Our certified experts manage your ad campaigns and use various tactics to increase your sales, ROI leads and much more.

Bid Management

Avail our AdWords PPC and Bid management services to maintain transparency on the expenses of ad campaigns. We can manage and monitor bids round the clock to make it simple and cost-effective for you.

Our Feat In The AdWords Industry

If you're looking for a professional and reliable AdWords management company, you have come to the right place. At Exo Info tech Pvt. Ltd, based in Allahabad (UP), Google AdWords professionals are happy to help you build your AdWords campaigns in the most cost-effective way possible. Exo Info tech is a certified Google AdWords partner. Our company is fully trained and approved by Google. We are available for our clients to help them start and manage their AdWords account. Our AdWords-certified professionals are good at managing campaigns across numerous and different industries across various sectors. These experts can help you to get much greater success and ROI in your efforts. They offer best and result oriented Google AdWords Management Services.

How We Cater Our Adwords Management Services!

Google AdWords offers customized options so you can go with your specific needs and business objectives.

Identify your advertisement

We try to identify your advertisement goals and recommend the services you should opt for.

Keyword and market research

We do the keyword and market research and find out the relevant keywords and place them effectively in ads.We create straightforward and targeted ads and optimize your website for conversion.

Track your ad performance

We track your ad performance and test it on a regular basis to make required modifications.

Why Choose Us?

We have always thought of client’s satisfaction as our prime goal. And, this could be a very primary reason to choose us. Apart from this we also offer following features as a software development company.

Certified Ad-word experts

We have experienced, and AdWords certified professionals to assist you and manage your ad campaigns. We have a team of qualified and experienced Google AdWords professional who helps you define your marketing objective.

ROI enhancement

We help improve your return on investment. We have worked with almost every industry like tourism, hotel, technology, real estate, design and much more to improve your ROI with the help of our team of AdWords certified experts.

Cost-effective, yet high-quality services

We have a profound knowledge of PPC and AdWords, and we offer best PPC management services to increase your sales, revenue, and ROI. We offer cost effective AdWords management services. We offer advertisement management services at affordable price.

Google Certification

We are the best Google AdWords certified company. We make the entire process of Advertising with Google AdWords easy and simple for clients.

Our Pricing

Take a look at a variety of web designing pricing according to your projects.


Free Setup
10 Products
5000-10000 ₹/ Mo
Weekly Report


Free Setup
20 Products
10000-20000 ₹/ Mo
2-Weekly Reports


Free Setup
40 Products
20000-30000 ₹/ Mo
Daily Report