Our Products

We have high level of customized softwares like School Management System, Hospital Management System, Exam Management System. These are web-based applications that offer capabilities for multiple users to manage data, all content, and information of a website. They provide different permission levels to users to manage all these information of internet or intranet applications and websites.

School Management System

A School Management System is the central system for the management of processes of schools like registration, attendance, staff, trasportation, grade, exams of other essential thinks of a school. An advance SMS is critical for schools to have full advantage of other educational solutions such as e-learning management systems and e-library automation, as these systems rely on student data.

Hospital Management System

Our Hospital Management System has been designed to manage all the aspects of all the Hospital. Customized Hospital System is an important healthcare software solution which includes management of departments like OPD and IPD, Pharmacy, Radiology, Laboratory, Ward Management, Online Appointments Scheduling, Secured Messaging, Patient & Doctor Portal and Family Portals, Electronic Billing, Accounting etc.

E-Learning Management System

The Learning Management System provides options to anyone to create, track, manage and distribute learning materials and information of any kind. LMSs have been used for many years to manage courseware in schools and educational institutes to enhance e-learning capabilities among students. Now a days even companies have started using LMSs to train their employees and customers.

What Is Custom Softwares

Custom Management refers to create, publish, edit, archive, report and distribute website data. A management application offers website management functionalities, control panel and administration to add and create events, calendars and much more. At Exo Info Tech, we have a team of skilled resources who are committed to offering Custom Development Solutions in the finest manner possible.

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